The Dog Rose Georgians

About the Dog Rose Georgians

About the Dog Rose Georgians

Since the group was founded in 1993, a series of lively day visits have been made to a wide range of properties; in the beginning these were of the 18th and 19th centuries, but the scope of buildings has now been widened to include many other periods.

These visits are for those with an interest in buildings, landscapes and artefacts. Conservation Days have also been run on many topics with an emphasis on information for professionals such as conservation officers, architects and period house owners.

Once a year there is a four night visit to an area with suitable properties, and many parts of England and Wales have been visited.

If you are interested in buildings of all kinds and would like to join the group then please contact us. There is no membership fee, and where possible information is sent out by email. Payment can be by cheque or BACS; please ask about details for BAC payments.

Click here to see the full extent of our visits over 20 years.

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